Journalism Interesting transcript of a webchat with Empire's Colin Kennedy. It's fairly in-depth and answers a long standing question -- why do magazine publish long articles about films which they proceed to pan in their review section:
"James2183: What was the reason behind giving Catwoman a four page special when there was such negative feedback from everywhere?
Colin: This is a common problem. The simple reason is that coverage was set up nine months ago and Warner Bros paid for us to go to the set. We therefore are obliged to run something or we will never be invited again. We heard the negative buzz, and cancelled any immediate plans to do any more on the movie. We had hoped to just feature Halle Berry but sometimes picture issues make that impossible."
So they do react to poor word of mouth and change policy accordingly then run the bare minimum of what they have to. Mostly the 'interview' underlines why I'm sticking with this magazine over Total Film

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