'Boogy.' 'Boogy?' 'Boogy.'

Music I've just glanced at WinAmp and notice that I now have 19 days + 20 hrs or so of music. So if I turned my computer powered playing continuously I would need to do nothing but listen to music for a weekend short of three weeks hear everything. It's all legal -- my entire cd collection, taking up 33.33 gig of my hard drive. I'm currently listing to something called Tolovaj Mataj / Eno Drevce which sounds like a Far Eastern cover of an Elizabethen Madrigal. I suspect it's dropped in from a Rough Guide. The track before was Nick Cave's Red Right Hand and the next one along is Hue And Cry's Looking for Linda. I'm always slightly self critical about my own musical tastes -- too easy listening, maybe or generic. But as I glance down the list it's so ecclectic that actually I'm quite pleased. Yes there is an emphasis on female singers (and songwriters in particular) and I probably don't have nearly as much music by five guys with long hair, sweat, a growl and guitars (although I do seem have got some of The Libertines from somewhere). And I'm not quite sure how I ended up with so much pop (where did Liberty X drop in from? Was I drunk?). But I can't think of anywhere else that Bic Runga would segway into Maurice Chevalier ...

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