'You look tired...'

Life Christmas shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks today. It seemed more arduous than usual I think because this year I can't seem to concentrate on what to buy anyone. Long term readers will know I'm usually on top of this stuff but for some reason I'd walk around shops and not see anything that I'd want to buy anyone. This means that either there really wasn't anything worth buying, or that there was but I wasn't seeing any of it. I eventually bought 'a few odd bits' which isn't like me at all. I also thought about investing in some new jumpers but came away empty handed because I couldn't believe how awful some of the styles were. Who thought that woollen sleeves on a leather chested pullover was a good idea? Everything looked like it had been put there by set designers for some mid-Eighties ITV sci-fi series. I eventually bought a scarf from RedGreen in red and green and navy blue, which is nice and warm.

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