'I just don't believe in dirt...'

Blog! Hey look everyone. Over there. Shauny's visiting my second year at university. Who says time travel isn't possible:
"In an ideal world, seven people living together would communicate. Perhaps there'd be a monthly meeting in which to air petty grievances before they escalated. But no, if you're not happy with the state of the kitchen, you bang a lot of pots and pans around at midnight and slam some doors then dash off a quick letter. There's been notes about the back door being left open, the bin not being emptied, and Ancient Relics of the Refrigerator."
By the end of that year I was communicating with my housemates entirely using notes. I'd come in late in the evening and check if one had been left on the kitchen table. If a bill needed paying I'd drop off a cheque. If someone wasn't happy with something I'd get it sorted. We avoided each other like the plague and it was bliss.

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