"She was born in November 1963 the day Aldous Huxley died..."

That Day I was amazed to find out that as well as JFK, both Aldous Huxley and C S Lewis died this day in 1963. On what was probably quite a busy time for news both their deaths might well have been overshadowed even though they were both giants in their own relative field. Without trying to be morbid I would be interested to see how long their obituaries were in relation to the assasination coverage in the days which followed.

Of course this would also be the usual point which I would bitch and moan about how a certain long running sci-fi drama which also started on that same day is still not being shown on tv. But hey! It's coming back! It's about time! Chris and Billie and Russell! The Tardis! Daleks! I read in the paper today that outgoing head of drama Mal Young took an episode home to show his 7 year old to see if it worked for that demographic. She was reportedly watching it from behind the sofa in minutes scared out of her wits. This is going to be very, very good.

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