Notice: No cycling. Dog not allowed unless on a lead.


Notice: No cycling. Dog not allowed unless on a lead.
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I should admit that I won't actually be posting all the photos in this collection. I made a choice to only include which had someone in them. There are about ten which looks almost exactly like this one, apart from a lack of a pensioner, just shot after shot of flower beds. It looks like a reunion of all the boring postcards which appeared on the BBC's 'Going Live' Saturday morning show during the early nineties. So this one isn't typical because it has a figure in it but again it's a bit alien. A great shot would have been the head and shoulders of the woman with the flowerbed in the background. But there she all the way up there, the real subject becoming the noticeboard. Could the message be that we should distance outselves from the rules of society, flowers and nature being the buffer for the message, making it both more palitable and ludicrous. Or was the photographer just mad. I'll let you decide.

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