And what became of Monkey?

TV My dad received a pretty surreal letter today. When ITV Digital went under we lost our digibox deposit, but put a claim for the £50 not expecting anything back. When Granada effectively gifted the box to us we thought nothing of it (and were still using it now, with all it's OnDigital branding). Turns out the liquidators have done their maths and Dad's had £4.55 rebated back into his bank account. Random.

I don't think I'll ever tire of hearing this moment when Malcolm Shearson of the liquidators appeared on Radio Five Live when an approach was made for customers to actually buy the boxes back from ex-subscribvers. He was initially in bullish mood, until presenters Guy Richardson, Victoria Derbyshire and Julian Worricker began to ask him some tough questions. Even if you know nothing of this story, it's a fantastic bit of radio as Shearson realises he hadn't looked at all (any?) of the issues involved and may have made a terrible mistake getting up that morning. 'I ... I want my box back ...' [real one req]

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