Life Was in Manchester today clothes buying. In the end, the only place I made a purchase was Primark. I don't know what it's like were you are, but the shop in Manchester is always busy and doesn't have enough tills to cope. The queues are so long that entire civilisations are formed, flourish and die in the time it takes to be served. I'm sure I saw two people start their own religion then disintegrate into dogmatic infighting over what colour shirt they should be wearing.

Meanwhile at Schuh a mother was trying to talk her son into buying a pair of trainers.
"I don't like them." He said.
"But ..." She whithered.
"I don't like them." He repeated.
"Oh alright. Come on." She grabs his hand and makes for the door. "But I bet if there are fifteen kids in school on Monday wearing them you'll like them then ...."

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