I'm having a moment.

Life For the past few days I've been receiving course literature. A couple of letters welcoming me to the faculty and today an itinerary for the induction week which begins on the twelfth of September which means I've actually only got three weeks until university begins. It doesn't feel long enough but it's also just right. There are presentations about Manchester's attractions and the university; visits to local museums and architecture and to a curry house to meet my course mates.

It dawns on me that I could be doing courses in French Cinema, Feminism in Cinema and Hollywood. The MA is modular which means that I'll be able to join subjects which are part of other courses; it'll be like the night school courses I've been doing all these years just more intense. It's exciting and frightening. I've made a pact with myself though that when I'm making selections it'll be based on that which truly interests me and not because I want to bunch them together so that I'm having to commute on less days. I need to make the most of this one shot chance of a lifetime and care about the travel and (to an extent) the money later, otherwise what's the point. I'll be compromising again and I've decided my thirties aren't going to be about that.

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