'Thanks for calling Liverpool Direct..."

Life My last day at work today. Sitting down at my desk for the final time this morning, and emptying my desk, I wondered if I'd done the right thing. But then I thought about everything which going to happen next and how I always promised myself that my life would be filled with different experiences and I just knew. I was given some vouchers and cards from my colleagues and all of the comments written were genuinely touching and funny. Surreally I finished at midday because of the way my final holiday time was worked out. Funny that the only half day I've taken there would be on my last day.

Unlike most call centres, when someone leaves, they don't disappear, and I made sure, that rather than just going, I would say take care to everyone. People asked what I was doing next. They said I would be missed, which is the nicest thing anyone can say really, and shows that I've done something right. I'll miss them too -- it'll be funny waking up tomorrow, the routine dissipated, not seeing those faces and hearing those voices every day. I've promised to stay in touch and I really will, swapping email addresses and (eep) passing on the weblog address. Take care everyone and I'll speak to you soon.


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    No big after work celebration ? I couldn't just slope off like that, especially if I'd gotten on so well with people for such a long time. I'm sure you did though. Hope you were on your best behaviour ;)

  2. Hey Jen. Well I like full stops not exclamation marks. Although in some ways I wish this had been a comma. If that makes sense.