Middle Shelf #2

Middle Shelf The good people at Machine Knitting Monthly are surprisingly upbeat:
"It's been a hectic month here, with more to come. Machine Knitting LIVE! at Croydon is safely put to bed and we all had a lovely time. There's now a trip to Scotland to fit in before Metropolitan's Dream Week, followed immediately by the Thornbury show and then four days plus a day setting up at the NEC. There are still a good few of us flying the flag for machine knitting, but we need every bit of support so do join me at any or all of these events if you can."
I always wondered were the rearchers at Have I Got News For You got their ideas for guest publications. Media UK must have been a stopping off point, which is were I found the recently linked beer magazine and this one. I'll let you know if I spot anything else. Somehow it's comforting to know that there is a magazine for everyone ...

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