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TV New Poliakoff dramas for next year:
"The first drama, which has the working title Poliakoff 2006, explores the relationship between two central characters, a reclusive billionaire, played by Gambon and the son of a cleaner who takes care of a neighbouring house, played by recent Lamda graduate Danny Lee Wynter. Penry-Jones features as a high flying politician having a clandestine affair. This piece will be for BBC1 while the second, entitled Capturing Mary, is for BBC2 - both are made by Talkback Thames."
The channel split is interesting and suggests that the second drama might be an edgier work more akin to his earlier films. I do hope he'll make these on film rather than the HD-Video that's in widespread use now. Film still has a quality which seems to fit Poliakoff's work and I can't imagine that something like Shooting The Past would have been as evocative.

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