Myles Away

Blog! "Increasingly I've found it difficult to write here out of love rather than simply duty. The blog has also become far too introspective of late, as well as mutating into a generally gloomy, unhelpful read. So it's time to pull the plug." -- Alistair Myles puts down his keyboard.

I knew that Alistair's blog would only ever be temporary and in a way I envy that he knows when to call it a day (I just tend to keep hammering out this stuff hoping that something of quality sneaks through once in a while). It's been a consistently excellent read, day in and out for that whole twelve months and it will be missed. Luckily, Alistair has listed the highlights in his final post and it's a great body of work which I recommend you go look at if you have the chance and for some reason you haven't already. See also his contribution to Review 2005. Take care, Alistair.

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