Song for Ten

Elsewhere My disappointingly sober and positive review of last night's Torchwood is pretty much eclipsed by the negative reactions of everyone else on Behind the Sofa. Again we ask -- is it hurting the franchise?

Also in the whoniverse, Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy will be contributing a couple of tracks to the upcoming Doctor Who soundtrack, basically the songs from the Christmas specials. Murray Gold's scores which often flirted with brilliance when they weren't simply rerecording the music from Firefly are also included.


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    Now, to be fair, everyone else on 'Behind the Sofa' is always negative these days. Almost. I've decided not to read their reviews until the series is over so they don't make me grumpy. 'Torchwood' seems to have made a good impact in some other circles.

    Long time reader, first time poster, blah blah blah.

  2. Tom -- hello. Welcome.

    It really is the funniest thing -- every single episode of both this and DW last season seemed to attract a wide range of opinion -- often to the point that you wonder if you've watched the same programme.

    My feeling is that once the whole of Torchwood has completed and the interested go back and watch it as a whole they'll have a much higher opinion. I'd forgotten about that quote from Suzie that you quoted in your review -- about Torchwood only ever seeming to get to see the crappy stuff -- that they never get to see all of the brilliant sci-fi that's about -- that underlines that this series isn't going to be about the BIG concepts that DW tends to deal with, but everything else, the leftovers.

  3. Anonymous12:30 pm

    It was scary watching season two of Who. I found it quite unsettling reading very intelligent people rip apart something I enjoyed immensely for reasons I didn't quite follow. I was glad of people such as yourself with more... balanced viewpoints.

    The 'leftovers' idea feels right when looking at the restrained, sad and odd direction of episodes 1 and 3, but not so much the Chibnail episodes. I suppose we'll find out as we go which side of the show wins out.