Dragons, not dungeons

Film 64 reasons to (re)watch Dungeons and Dragons. I, really, really, hated this on release. What was I thinking? Some highlights:
"Quite recently I did a film, and I met this director, and he was very small and he was disgusting to look at" - Tom Baker, 2001.

"The movie is based on the Dungeons & Dragons RPG, but they didn't get the rights to use any of the Dungeons & Dragons worlds, meaning the movie is just based on the game's rules. This is presumably why one of the characters is referred to as "a low-level mage" in casual conversation."

"The DVD features an interview with Jeremy Irons, who is trying not to burst out laughing while talking about how his character plans to take over the world. "In that way, he's a character we've seen before."
New Line Cinema actually released this, and I think I'm remembering the publicity right, as a taster for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yeah, heh. [via]

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