TV "For all these years, Lorelai in 'Gilmore Girls' has been painful and surprising and exciting to watch - a marvelous high-wire act. How cruel that the new writer of the show wants to rub her face in conventionality, strip her of the speed that was her reason for being and transform her into another banal television lead." -- This is a (slightly spoilery) tragedy. Thank goodness I'm still waiting for Season Three. Four more seasons of quick fire to watch on dvd before the rot sets in. Keris - what will we do?


  1. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Having read the S7 spoilers, I'm not even sure if I'm going to watch it. I might not be able to resist or, like The West Wing, it might just be so wrong that I have to step away. So sad.

    Has there ever been a perfect series, I wonder ...

  2. Buffy largely went off the rails after season five. Angel for season four. The Star Trek series tended to pick up towards the end, although I don't think Voyager was ever any good. Murder One went on too long. Quantum Leap broke after the second series, Northern Exposure after Joel left.

    St Elsewhere? 24?

  3. Anonymous12:33 pm

    24? I didn't even finish the first series!! I could not stand his wife and daughter and wanted the stupid idiots to be killed. Not great for character sympathy.

    St Elsewhere? I don't remember much about it (although I loved it). I wonder if it's on DVD.