Here Comes Everybody.

TV etc. An old work colleague Willow emailed me this morning about Alan Yentob's Imagine documentary, which was broadcast on BBC One last night. He pointed me to this post at Frankie Roberto's blog bemoaning, quite rightly, the lack of a web presence for what was actually a pretty comprehensive survey of the social side of the web.

Given that omission, I decided to create something of my own. So, four hours later, find below a selection of links related to the documentary. I've tried to make it as comprehensive as possible without becoming (hopefully) boring including both contributors and anything of interest that might have flashed past in each section. I did try to track down Yentob's myspace and livejournal but they appear to have been removed.

The title, resolves to BBC One's listing page.

Alan Yentob [wikipedia]
Toby Warwick Jones, Alan's helper [blog, Imagine recording]

[General contributors]
Clay Shirky, internet consultant [website, wikipedia]
Dr David Weinberger, Harvard University [blog, biog]
Professor Henry Jenkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology [blog, home page, wikipedia]

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor, World Wide Web [blog, homepage, wikipedia]
Charles Babbage, Analytical Engine
Morris Wilkes -- EDSAC, world's first practical programmable computer
Sputnik -- caused internet to develop because of US end of the space age
Doug Englebart -- demonstrated an online system using the world's first mouse
Enquire within Upon Everything by Anonymous
Enquire -- early project by Tim Berners-Lee

Jimmy Wales, co-founder, Wikipedia [blog, wikipedia, user page]
Ewan McDonald, author, millionth entry, Wikipedia [user page]
Arabic Wikipedia
Jordanhill Station
Charlotte Bronte
Albert Einstein
Britney Spears
Christopher Wren

Abby Lee, blogger, 'Girl With A One-Track Mind' [blog, book, wikipedia, imagine broadcast]
Dickon Edwards, blogger, 'Diary At The Centre of the Earth' [blog, wikipedia, imagine recording]
Natalie D'Arbeloff, blogger, 'Blaugustine' [blog, home page, imagine recording, imagine broadcast]
Tom Reynolds, blogger, 'Random Acts of Reality' [blog, book, imagine broadcast]
Jon Snow's Newsroom Blog
Nick Robinson's Newslog

[Arctic Monkeys]
Tom Flannery, Arctic Monkeys fan [unable to find web presence]
Roxana Darling, Arctic Monkeys fan []
James Sheriff, founder, [flickr, portfolio]
Steven McInerney, Arctic Monkeys fan [blog, interview, myspace]
Alan Smyth, Producer, Arctic Monkeys Demo Sessions [wikipedia]
Arctic Monkeys, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Spider Webb, The Horrors [myspace, home page, wikipedia]
Lily Allen, singer [myspace, home page, wikipedia]
The Horrors
Travis Bean
the whole shebbang.
Leila NoFriends
The Schla La Las
die panda die

Chris Anderson, author, The Long Tail [blog, book, wikipedia]

[User generated content]
David Firth, animator, Salad Fingers [blog, wikipedia]

Ken Russell, Director [wikipedia, imdb]
Pacman Fever
Minor Threat - 12xu & Small Man Big Mouth
Larry and Rita Argue Over Celery (Starring Larry and Rita)
Re: JaffaCakes!

[Viral Marketing]
Daniel Myrick, director, The Blair Witch Project, The Strand: Venice, CA [imdb]
Abazab online audition site

[Second Life]
Kim Plowright on creating Alan Yentob's avatar
Images of Alan's avatar
Deathline, the band featured in Second Life


Anonymous said...

Yentob= Luddite, old man, non-believer, web-tourist.
We are destroying your medium sir.
Be assured.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

What an extraordinary job you've done! Thank you. I was one of the bloggers (Blaugustine) interviewed on this "Imagine" programme and don't yet have a way to let people know where they can refer to it on the net. Now I will point them to you.

kim said...

@misterf - oddly enough, although Mr Y isn't the most profficient of users, he does actually 'get' what's going on out there; he'd not have made the documentary otherwise. He's got genuinely enthusiastic about social networking and web culture, which is kind of surprising. And, you know, we're not *destroying* his medium (storytelling in long form video) as much as absorbing it.

@Stu - thankyou so much for this. I'll pass it on to the production team; they'll be chuffed you've taken the time to do the work.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Wow, that's great. Thanks very much to you to.

Anonymous said...

I was asked to be on the program but in the end I said no. I am kind of glad I did. Tom Reynolds' blog is visited by more people a day than mine is in a year and he got to say all of 35 words. What would I have said,"Move down the internet please."

Anonymous said...

Strange to see that someones researched 'me' so to speak. My name, alongside my myspace, and an interview with me for the guardian is surreal stuff. Well, in my eyes anyway. Steven McInerney.

Robert Cathles said...

Thanks a million for making this list of the things mentioned on the programme. It really is a great help that you've done this, thank you!

I also wanted to shout out to anyone that if they have had any luck in locating a source of the recording of this programme, please contact me on my YouTube account,

(that's rjcuk). It would be a really great help if anyone knows anything! Thanks for all your support.