Links for 2006-12-03 []

  • DVD Times: Disney aspect ratio conundrum
    Discussion of how these films should really look on DVD -- open-matt or not open-matt?
  • OFF THE TELLY: A Continuous Panorama of Pure Entertainment
    Chris Hughes investigates the origins of the nearly forgotten squarial broadcaster BSB.
  • Tate | Shop Online
  • ChavTowns
    "Another interesting trait about scallies or chavs is that they gloat about the fact that they have been to town since they were 12. It seems to be a competition that whoever has been to town at the youngest age is the hardest or most respected. But how d
  • National Media Museum
    New name and website for the 'National Museum of Film, Television and Photography' to reflect their shift into covering radio and the web. New exhibition spaces coming soon.
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