Life Uninterrupted

Life Received the papers yesterday with instructions for graduation which confirms once and for all that its really happening. Brilliantly the ceremony is going to be streamed online so if anyone would like to see it (!?!) email me and I'll send you the link. Mostly preparing for Christmas, buying presents and the things you need. I've decided to go for quality rather than quantity this year with an accent on the not so useless items. You wouldn't believe the number of drawer worthy items I've bought in the past. It's also the first year that I've asked people for money, which is a sure sign that I'm growing up.

In other news, I've enough questions to take me up to the 20th of December so if you have anything more please get them along asap. I've had some very positive comments so far which are appreciated and I'm really enjoying myself. It's good to have something to work on and some of the questions have been especially challenging. You'll not believe the heartache I went through with the love question about naming names and how much information I should give, and tomorrow's question has puzzled me for days.

Thanks too for all the nice comments about the annotation for the Imagine programme and to Tom for recognising that it is an annotation. I really did enjoy the programme, if only because in some cases it was the first time I'd heard some of my favourite websites being mentioned on television.

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