Links for 2006-12-08 []

  • Filmlog: Bringing Up Baby (1938)
    I was amazed by the jagged edges of the story telling -- it's got a real stream of consciousness approach as though the filmmakers were literally making it up as they went along. Very dense script though with dialogue bouncing off the walls.
  • Filmlog: Underworld (2003)
    Mostly dreadful with incomprehensible action sequences and awful dialogue. Helped by some atmospheric photography and a great narrative twist about two thirds of the way through which changes your understand of who the heroes are.
  • Nature: In search of lost time
    "The ancient Antikythera Mechanism doesn't just challenge our assumptions about technology transfer over the ages — it gives us fresh insights into history itself." If this is possible what else has been lost in time?
  • Ain't It Cool News Interview: Dan Zeff
    Zeff directed one of my favourite episodes from this past season of Doctor Who, 'Love and Monsters'. It's a very in depth interview, covering in particular the use of the music of ELO in the show.
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