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  • Cinematical: Rachel McAdams is Pepper Potts?
    Rachel might be appearing as the female lead in John Favreau's 'Iron Man' film -- she's got first refusal on the script which let's face it could mean anything. Good to see her doing *anything* though.
  • Better World Books: Our History
    Last night I bought a book from Amazon's Marketplace and was pleased to discover that I was actually doing my bit for charity. 'Better World Books' use the profits from sales to fund literacy throughout the world. This is their story. Great stuff.
  • Delboy's Daughter: Sickly.. send fruit and chicken soup.
    The perfect headgear for anyone whose under the weather. Hope you're feeling better.
  • Digital Spy: 'Spaced' star Jessica Stevenson joins 'Doctor Who'
    I was watching the rather lovely dvd catch-up documentary the other day which is recommended if you can get a copy. Still funny after all these years. Great detail in the linked article about who'll be directing her in her two Doctor Who episodes.
  • ...yet I'll hammer it out: Richard II review
    "I hate when (these) productions decide to present the whole thing as an extended flashback [...] It never, never adds anything to our understanding of the play [...] in the case of this movie it means they show us a lot of not-very-good footage twice."
  • Boing Boing: Belt-drive watch
    My Dad says: "It's great. I wouldn't like to fix it mind you. Not yet anyway."
  • troubled diva: ADMIN: An embarrassing oversight regarding e-mail.
    Mike discovers an email account he never knew he had which included an invite to a party most of us would have given out left arm to visit. This happens all the time with me and BT -- their spam filter is a bit over zealous. So if you've emailed and...
  • DVD in My Pants: Corrupt Christmas Films
    Includes the Pheobe Cate's speech from 'Gremlins' which is still chills me to the bone even after all these years. Apparently the studio wanted lose it because it didn't have any relevance to the plot. In fact it means everything.
  • Katie's Blog: Party Strands
    This sounds like a great idea in theory -- your iPod becomes the jukebox when you visit a bar and you pay for your music to be the soundtrack of your life, but what if the music doesn't fit the atmosphere of the place? You'd ruin everyone else's night.m
  • Partying like it's 2001
    Bit of an old review but 'All Saints' play Shepherd's Bush to a select crowd. Apparently the single's done very well but the album's not selling. Shame.
  • GirlHacker's Random Log: That Dress
    Apparently Audrey Hepburn's dress from 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' is not unique, there are three of them in circulation which explains the 'low' original estimate and makes the final tally (nearly half a million) all the more impressive.
  • Twitch: Teaser for Taxi 4
    There's a 'Taxi 4' coming. I actually had to study the first one at college and was even more impressed, although not enough to write the essay that was in the offering which ended up describing how Luc Besson's 'Nikita' isn't really feminist.
  • Guardian Unlimited Film: Mayan descendants slam Apocalypto
    When a producer joined Star Trek:The Motion Picture just before the film was set to go, he decided it should include something related to Mayans because he'd seen it on a documentary the night before. See, it could have been so much worse.
  • 'Superman' producer talks Spielberg loss
    Salkind apparently had Steven Spielberg as his first choice to direct the Superman films. Link carries transcript from recent dvd commentary.
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