Please return your items to the packing area.

Commerce Self service check outs in supermarkets are evil, especially the ones in Marks & Spencers, particularly those in the Liverpool Church Street store. Apart from the soulless voice of the computer telling me that I need to ask for assistance every few seconds because I'm either using the wrong kind of bag or not scanning the items quick enough which misses the point obviously, it's not entirely clear, once you've paid with notes that the change is returned from two slots at opposite ends of the till. Because if that had been clear I wouldn't have picked up the coins and left a ten pound note still sitting there, only realizing what I'd done at seven o'clock this evening when I'd finished dinner and the shop is closed. I'll be calling them tomorrow to see if it's been handed in. I'll let you know exactly how long the person from Marksies laughs before answering in the negative.

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  1. Anonymous10:39 pm

    dont do it they take people jobs and as you have found out are confusing and fiddly. I dont understand why the staff seem so keen for you to use them. Yes go on let the machine take our jobs. Another point is you cant have someone to help you with the packing!