"Social norms may force you to go to rehab for your stupidity, but the law can't touch you at all." -- Elizabeth Wurtzel

The Law Prozac Nation's Elizabeth Wurtzel seemed to drop off the planet a couple of years ago (some say for reasons which are explained in her Wikipedia entry). Turns out that like Rory Gilmore before her, she's at Yale and wrote this characteristic op-ed piece earlier in the year:
"It's hard out there for a law student. All the stuff to stumble through on the way to that J.D.: torts, property, contracts, evidence, civil procedure, AutoAdmit. [...] That last item is a new development: a Web site of postings for law schools prestigious and otherwise, where students blab about whatever. An awful lot of it is about other students, most of it mean-spirited. This is all extremely weird for those of us born before the Carter administration, who tend to assume that scrutiny about breast implants--there was a whole thread of discussion devoted to whether one Ms. J.D.-to-be was silicone-enhanced--is reserved for celebrities. The flat, affectless sexual bravado of the trash-talk on AutoAdmit is also a bit of a shock, coming from allegedly intelligent legal minds."
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