"For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake." -- Alfred Hitchcock

Film Lisa Drysdale reveals a quirky New York cinema:
"At DRV-IN, good weather is assured (it's actually indoors) except for the upcoming Halloween shows, when a decent shroud of (fake) fog is forecast. And if you want to make out under the potted oak tree, you can do so in complete privacy. Your $75 buys the entire automobile for the duration of the movie and, although it seats six, it's entirely up to you who you invite along. Such is the demand for this particular set of wheels that a 4pm weekday matinee performance has already been added to the two evening shows screened daily."
Then in the comments someone says: "Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds used to be £1.50 on a Monday night with student discount - those were the days..." They certainly were.

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