“We Barbie dolls are not supposed to behave the way I do.” -- Benjamin Jowett

Music My ears! My eyes! Too much pink!
"A children's animated classical music experience, Barbie™ at the Symphony is a special Film with Orchestra presentation of the best-selling Barbie™ “Princess” movies. This series of 6 CGI animated films features Barbie™ singing and dancing to some of the world's best loved musical scores, with ballet sequences choreographed by Peter Martins of the New York City Ballet. Released in over 30 languages, these popular films have introduced millions of children to Ballets such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake and the timeless music they are set to. Now, for the first time ever, families can enjoy the classical music from the films, played live by a full symphony orchestra, while watching favorite scenes on the big screen."
I can't help but wonder if the motivation here is to get kids interested in classical music or not to have to pay a composer for doing something new. As Samara notes at The F-word, there are some perfectly good unaugmented works from the canon which have been tried and tested for years. I'd also like to throw the original Fantasia into the mix which at least seemed to respect the music.

When I was a pre-teen in the early 80s (in other words before the age of twelve when I automatically became awkward around the opposite sex) I remember girls loving ballet anyway because of the ballet and the dances and the shoes and the mystique and a bit of Degas . Have we really reached a stage where a CG version of a Mattel creation is the only way of creating this kind of interest?

It'll be Optimus Prime rocking out to Wagner next. Although, actually I'd like to see that.

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