“When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain” -- Shakespeare

Plug! Some long overdue mentions. Firstly, Katie Lips, she of The Bold Street Project amongst a whole vast range of over things has helped launch a new online service, Treasure My Text which let's users store those very SMS messages which they might not have room for on their actual phone for memory reasons. It's an excellent idea, especially in this latest version of the world were everything seems to be done in less that a hundred and sixty characters; there must be messages which change your life and now there's somewhere to put them. Updates continue on her the official blog.

Also, long term friend of the blog Eva Katzler's debut single Angel was released yesterday. Here's the groovy flyer ...

New Single - Angel - Out Now!

... and some places it can be downloaded ...

iTunes | Napster| HMV | 7 Digital | TuneTribe | OD2

... and when I discovered her voice.

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