Do not watch this. You will not survive.

Meme Those of us old enough to remember the apocalyptic fallout from the hamster dance still live with the mental scars from the days that followed, the fires, the looting, the broken homes. But we pulled together, even when Crazy Frog threatened to return us to the dark days. Now a new menace is upon us and it seems only fair to offer a warning. Do not watch this. You will not survive. We will not survive.

Just horrible.


  1. I'd already been infected by this, so the public health warning here came too late for me. But, in the spirit of curiosity, I shared your post with the office yesterday. As I left last night, t'editor of the Daily Post was drawing the front page and singing the Nom Nom Nom Song. So it begins. You have played your part well...

  2. Oh gosh. This is like Day of the Dead. Once the media's infected we know we're all doomed. ;)