"bent by a brogue"

History Mary, Queen of Golf:
"She loved St. Andrews, where she kept a small vacation cottage and often stayed incognito, doing her own shopping and cooking, and playing golf along the links by the Firth of Forth. She may well be responsible for the origin of the term "caddie": She had probably learned to play as a princess reared in France, where military cadets carried the royal clubs. It's thought that her accented pronunciation of the term was further bent by a brogue when she came to Scotland to assume the throne at barely 20 in 1561, after the death of her young husband, King Francis II of France. "
Why has this never been filmed, not least in the 70s biopic Mary, Queen of Scots? Vanessa Redgrave stooped over a golfing tee with Glenda Jackson's hoard massing for invasion? [via]

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