"uncommonly beautiful"

TV My So-Called Life Re-watched is an effort to view one of my top-5 favourite television shows (I even made a t-shirt) on a weekly basis and conference about it on Twitter and then a blog (rather like one of Behind The Sofa's old Stripped Down sessions but with live in-episode commentary).

By way of introduction, Diane Shipley describes what the show meant to her:
"My favourite episode, The Zit, perfectly addresses teen self-consciousness. Like all the episodes, it should be studied by anyone interested in storytelling in any genre. Ostensibly about a pimple which everyone keeps commenting on, thus making Angela more and more sensitive about it, the ep skewers the idea that physical perfection is important and shows our heroine tentatively come to terms with who she is and how she looks (no makeover required - revolutionary, even 16 years later). Even though my own zits were ten times worse than Angela’s, I didn’t resent her: I totally related to her. Claire Danes was uncommonly beautiful, but I couldn’t hold it against her because MSCL showed that life wasn’t easy for any teenager. (Or any adult - her parents are remarkably fleshed out as well.)"
I'll see you Tuesday, I expect.

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