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15. Dissed by Lily Allen on twitter

Life For the interested, these are the facts ...

Last night, Lily Allen was tweeting her unhappiness at the way Channel 4 were going after Zac Goldsmith, essentially saying some not very nice things about their journalism and how, to her, they're hounding one man rather than going after the lot of them.

Me being me, (ie) a fan, I decided to send her:
@lilyroseallen Have you seen the footage of Zac's father defending himself on The Money Programme in the 70s?
She was being fairly heavily criticised at the time, and I assume she thought I was being sarcastic, which I wasn't and replied with:
@feelinglistless have you seen the footage of my dad in vindaloo ?
I replied, yes, and that I thought he was also very good as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and pointing out that I wasn't being sarcastic, suggesting that James Goldsmith's strategy was rather good since the journalists didn't know what to do outside of their comfort zone. She didn't get back, presumably because they got lost in the several hundred other replies she was probably getting.

There then followed a long discussion with @JoannaOC20 (who I don't know) about whether Lily was insulting me or not, a point on which we decided to agree to disagree. So I've assumed, that, for the purposes of the list (which I really should get around to writing down) and since it's as close as odds ...
15. Dissed by Lily Allen on twitter

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