captured it

Music  I read Laura Barton on The Shiver's Beauty ...
"Beauty is essentially a portrait of how it feels to be in love, an all-consuming, all-engulfing love. Against the sparsest of guitars, Zarriello draws out its territory, spans its circumference and its strength. "I need to grieve and need to need and be in love," he sings. "I give my love and all my love to you my love."
... then breath deeply trying to imagine what the song is like. In the past, even five years ago, this might have been my only experience of it (unless I remembered to order the cd assuming it was even available and I could afford it).


It's available on Spotify. And Barton's captured it brilliantly.  Especially the opening bars and Zarriello's voice which has the yawning quality of Harvey Pekar which seems apt at this moment.  Thanks Laura.

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