his own father James's play book

Journalism Like son, like father. Trust Adam Curtis to notice that when Zac Goldsmith appeared on Channel 4 News last week, he was following his own father James's play book:
"The week before, the Money Programme had put out a film that accused Goldsmith of being an "asset stripper". He came on to defend himself - and what then happens is just wonderful.

Goldsmith takes over the programme. He accuses the two presenters of lying and starts interviewing them. He says their attack on him is part of "a malignant disease that is infecting this country"

One of the journalists bleats weakly: 'It's more conventional on these programmes for me to be asking you the questions"
Some sections, in which Goldsmith is quoting directly from a transcript and pointing at the presenter are eerie, although I think John Snow comes off best in comparison -- these 70s journalists don't have the arsenal to even begin to deal with someone pull their own show from beneath them. See also, Jon Stewart on Crossfire which I'm never tired of watching.

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