Bea Arthur and all.

Film Remember how we've joked for years about George Lucas's Stalinist attitude to the Star Wars Christmas Special? Well, back in the HD Room ...
Speaking of new bonus features, I asked LucasFilm's Senior Director of Marketing Kayleen Walters about the Star Wars Holiday Special making its way onto the set after Fox Home Entertainment's James Finn tweeted the following image back on August 2, 2011. [...] Boba Fett riding a creature from one of the Blu-ray discs inner sleeves, clearly from the Holiday Special. In response to my question, Kayleen answered "You'll have to wait and see! The Holiday Special is a challenge, but look for some Easter Eggs. What's a Star Wars release without a couple of Easter Eggs?" I read into that as something pertaining to, if not the entire Holiday Special is hidden on these discs."
The quite good Fett animation's the more likely candidate but the whole thing? Bea Arthur and all. As they say on the internet, heh.

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