"Even if most of us haven't been married to Penn"

Music The Guardian's Hadley Freeman on Madonna's Like a Prayer:
"But being a nosey sort and someone who likes songs to have stories, it's the confessional stuff I love most: Oh Father, Promise to Try and, most of all, 'Till Death Do Us Part, about the end of her marriage to Sean Penn, with whom, she has said since, she was deeply in love. The bitterly evocative lyrics ("The bruises they will fade away/ You hit so hard with the things you say/ I will not stay to watch your hate as it grows/ You're not in love with someone else/ You don't even love yourself/ But still, I wish you'd ask me not to go") disprove those who describe her as a cold and blank performer. Even if most of us haven't been married to Penn (thank God), that sentiment – deciding firmly to leave the jerk but wishing dearly he'd ask you not to – is all too universal, and it feels even more extraordinary now to hear Madonna, now untouchably self-controlled, admit to such pain and weakness."
Hadley's first album was Tiffany. My first was Five Star's Silk and Steel.  Oh well.  Someone in the comments mentions that their copy was scented with patchouli oil which explains the fragrance which comes from my second hand vinyl, which I've thought for years was some kind of cleaning fluid.

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