Film Andrew Collins discovers a whole new level of studio paranoia when it comes to preview screenings of films:
"Boring detail: the embargo form was emailed to me with my e-ticket, but, oddly, I couldn’t open the document. The film company, Universal, assured me that I would be able to sign the form on the day. In the queue at the Vue cinema, Leicester Square, I was indeed handed a form, which I cursorily read and signed while standing there, using my bag to lean on. I handed it in: usual drill. We must assume that everyone else in the screening signed the same piece of paper. However, I only found out after the event that this embargo was a super-embargo – as well as agreeing not to talk, write or Tweet about One Day, I had also agreed not to mention on social networking sites that I had even attended the screening!"
Freud would have a lot to say about Universal's attitude I suspect.  I'm also a bit browned off because this has reminded me that I won't able to hire One Day through Lovefilm because Universal's embargoed them from carrying any of their films too.  Looks like I might have to visit an actual cinema to hear Anne Hathaway's attempt at a Yorkshire accent.

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