"an issue with the Prequel Trilogy that you may or may not have realized existed"

Film Well, yes, big things happening in the world, extended episodes of Newsnight, Today programmes all about Libya (as the always nervy Evan Davies put it this morning), but let's face it, people of a certain age and social background are really interested in the seismic shift happening in mid-September when a somewhat different dictatorship makes its latest communication. The HD Room has seen bits of a copy and the banner headline is that we're getting to see more picture:
For the (Star Wars) Prequel Trilogy, LucasFilm went back and struck new Blu-ray masters from the original digital master files. This evolved process will not only solve those pesky color timing and enhancement issues from the DVD releases, but also solve an issue with the Prequel Trilogy that you may or may not have realized existed (I did not).

As it was explained to us, the process used for mastering the Prequel Trilogy DVD versions from the original masters resulted in roughly 8 percent image being cropped from all sides of the frame due to magnification. It was a technological constraint of the time that modern processes and a meticulous frame-by-frame restoration have thankfully corrected.
Essentially, as the illustrative screen shots demonstrate, the dvds we've been watching for years (well the couple of occasions when we've endured The Phantom Menace) have been cropped.  I've always noticed something being wrong, for example when the battle droid points in the Naboo hangar bay ("You're under arrest...") and the end of his finger disappeared.  Now I know why.

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