programmes of any sufficient quality

TV For all my views on BBC Four's future, I do understand people's fear about the future of the channel should it lose the "blockbuster" programmes like Enid which generally attract more viewers called Enid. If the ratings dwindle, the BBC would have difficulty justifying whatever the expense is. But still I do have faith that if BBC Four continues to put out programmes of any sufficient quality, viewers will continue to watch no matter the genre.

Nevertheless, I can't but applaud BrokenTV's stupendous blogpost on the subject with its novel solution for aiding the BBC's funding gap. Certainly a version of it works for some US cable stations and I for one would applaud similar telethons with the likes of Charlie Brooker offering a turn in the hopes of funding a new series of Newswipe or the cast of Forbrydelsen appearing to give interviews or perhaps a song so that viewers are enticed into opening their wallets so that BBC Four can afford the third series.

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