becomes corporeal. Offers hugs

Film Because nature, or at least the cinematic production cycle abhors a vacuum, the latest Charlie Kaufman-esque has downloaded from someone's Avid. In Ruby Sparks, a writer's fictional manic pixie dream girl becomes corporeal. Offers hugs:

Zoe Kazan's always been a MPDG who's bubbled under, fighting for supremacy with the likes of Claire Danes in the likes of Orson Welles and Me. This should put her mainstream.

The marketing on the film is clearly attempting to attract the Woody Allen audience too with this sparse poster of actors names and the title of the film ala Interiors or Husbands and Wives.

But such cynicism shouldn't suggest I'm not looking forward to this.  It's Weird Science with A-Levels and Weird Science is one of those films which helped to shepherd me through adolescence.

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