"smaller, actually, at just 5ft 3in"

Books The Scotsman meets Brooke Magnanti at a whiskey festival for which she's the guest patron:
"Still, here she is, larger than life (smaller, actually, at just 5ft 3in) swirling a glass of Benromach and charming a steady flow of fans. Men and women, young and old, line up to get their books signed. The covers are emblazoned with Billie Piper, who played Belle in the (equally controversial) ITV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, sprawling on a bed wearing nothing but lingerie and a come-hither expression. All in all, it’s a surreal spectacle: a bunch of strangers, me included, who know every detail of this 36-year-old woman’s sex life. Their questions are polite, familiar, anodyne even. One woman asks whether she thinks Piper has been airbrushed on the cover, another how she is settling in to Fort William, where she moved with her husband after ‘coming out’ in 2009. Someone else addresses her as Belle by mistake. “The hardest part of coming out is having to keep doing it,” she tells me."
Having read Brooke's blog back in the day, but I'm not sure if I'd want to revisit.  Sometimes people are about who they are now.

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