"a watchful eye"

Books  Mental Floss collects together some old photos of librarians from the good old days:
"During WWII, rationing registration often took place at local schools. Here we see one such event occurring in a school library in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The school principal, M.C. Demmy, handled the registration while the town librarian, Mrs. Searle, overlooked the process and kept a watchful eye on the library itself. This image reminds us that libraries often play important roles in communities that extend beyond the simple lending of books. Photo taken by Marjory Collins in 1942."
Even when I was trained in the mid-90s, librarianship was a profession and still is despite what our present government thinks.  Or the Chignecto-Central regional school board in Nova Scotia which has just fired all the school librarians.  It's a pleasure to see, judging by the comments, that they're still valued somewhere in the world.

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