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TV Having just ordered the latest three Doctor Who releases, or at least the latest three to go to pre-order, The Krotons, Planet of the Giants and The Greatest Show on Earth, I decided to have a glance at the Wikipedia's thorough page about the releases to see what's yet to go to preorder. Well:

First Doctor: after Giants, only the incomplete The Reign of Terror, Galaxy 4 and The Tenth Planet are left. We know the missing episodes of Terror are being animated and should be out by the end of the year. I'd be surprised if the newly found episode of Galaxy 4 isn't tethered to Tenth at some point.

Second Doctor: after The Krotons there's only the The Underwater Menace and The Ice Warriors left, both incomplete. No news yet on what's happening with those. Back in the day, there was an Ice Warrior VHS box set which included what was left of both these stories. Perhaps they'll do that again.

Third Doctor: The Ambassadors of Death, The Mind of Evil and Death to the Daleks. Daleks is out in June. The other other two are in the process of being colourised or not.

Fourth Doctor: Amazingly only Terror of the Zygons is left. Which is excellent because it means they're finishing on a story I haven't seen. The completed bits of Shada is being released as part of a "Legacy" set with the More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS documentary.

Fifth Doctor: All out.

Sixth Doctor: All out.

Seventh Doctor: All either out or available for pre-order.

Which means that after over ten years there are only nine stories waiting for release dates, with a few of those most likely as part of a box set.  I might just have room on the shelf after all.

Updated!  3/5/2013  Coincidentally, the Doctor Who news page have done the same exercise with more coherence and facts. The only unannounced story with nothing wrong with it, Terror of the Zygons is due in 2013. I have a sneaky suspicion it'll be the final release. Which means we have months worth of wounded stories ahead.  Unless someone finds Marco Polo or some such in the meantime.

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