"something which used to happen quite a lot"

Film Yesterday, I commented on Twitter that Lovefilm, one of the few things which is keeping me sane lately didn't turn around a disc I sent back on Friday on Saturday, something which used to happen quite a lot and wondered if it was a service change which happened at Easter.

Because I used the entertainment emergency service's Twitter name in the message, @lovefilm replied with the following which you may find useful and or interesting:
"We have a limited warehouse service on Saturday. Allocations might happen, but no discs will go out till Monday."

"It's been like that for a while though. Nothing changed at Easter"
In other words, Lovefilm's weekend turnaround service is gooone and has been gooone for ages.  One the one hand I'm pleased that workers are getting something related to a weekend off (even if I don't).  On the other I do miss receiving the odd DVD on a Monday.

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