cities made of song

Music Ever since 2008 I've been dying to bring you this, We Built This Starbucks On Heart and Soul by Jefferson Starbucks. If ever a piece of music was designed to make you hate a corporation it's this.

As I said back then:
"The original Starship version was my favourite song ever when I was eight years old, just as every song was my favourite song ever if it was getting enough airplay on the local radio station. Now, I’m really not so sure, but it's certainly superior to this corporate reworking created for what they called a ‘leadership conference’ and leaked onto the internet. It’s the kind of work which has the power to make you like your favourite coffee chain just a little bit less each time you hear it.

"Two weedy vocalists over a disappointing backing track pass the ethos of the company on to its employees without irony and with horrid, demoralising lyrics such as ‘So many partners / working late at night / living the ways of being / in the green apron look’, a totalitarian message, that knocks on for five whole minutes and blows the impression Starbucks wants us to have of their shops being a comfortable regular third place to be with staff that are our friends."
Essentially if you already hate Starbucks, this is just fuel for the dry-roaster.  The rest of us will just like them slightly less.  Then buy another latte.

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