"The Librarian of Eternity"

TV A writer with username Jef With One F has written for The Houston Press an alternative history of Doctor Who imagining which American actresses could have been in the role. His approach isn't simply to find alternatives that are similar to the British actors, but like Paul Magrs's Iris Wildthyme, to imagine the kinds of logical casting choices that might have been made by various producers across the years, the producers being some of the great luminaries of American sci-fi. Some it, like the "original title" of the series, above is really, really well thought through. It begins:
"Twenty years after she had become one of the masters of radio drama with Sorry, Wrong Number and The Hitch-Hiker, Lucille Fletcher was approached by Rod Serling to have some of her works adapted for his show, The Twilight Zone. During an initial meeting, the ever-prolific but inundated Serling mentioned an idea he had of a time traveler that would careen uncontrollably through space and time saving people. The premise intrigued Fletcher, who offered to explore it in writing. Serling agreed, thinking it might make a good episode."
At a certain point, I began to wish the show had actually existed because like our Who it would have been able to track the changes in production methods and audience tastes, though to an extent Star Trek is the potential substitute, though in later years it became trapped within its own modes of production.

Jef has previously done the same exercise with American actors.

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