How to follow Facebook pages via RSS and email.

Web I don't think I've posted about this before but if I have, my apologies. But it is insanely useful and I am tweaking it slightly, so I think it's worth repeating.

It's still possible to subscribe to Facebook pages via RSS.

This website has a tutorial. It works.

Facebook didn't remove the functionality, which used to be available via the usual channels on pages and in the URL box on most browsers. They simply hid it. Now you can get it back.

Ultimately a lot of Facebook pages are still filled with a certain amount of noise and repetition because they're desperate to be seen in a person's feedpageriverthingywhateveritscallednowdoodah. Wall?

My workaround is to turn the RSS feed into emails.

Having found the working RSS feed, I feed it into Blogtrottr and ask it to email me a daily digest which includes a glanceable index at the top.

Incidentally, Twitter also still has RSS feeds available.  So does YouTube.  Installing Google's own RSS Subscription Extension in Chrome reveals them as a link at the top of the page.  As with Facebook, I have daily emails sent via Blogtrottr when videos are uploaded to the YouTube channels which is really useful when those channels upload only rarely.

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