Music Rick Wakeman has a blog of sorts, a monthly ramble on his official website about this and that. Here's May:
"2013 continues to throw up surprises but certainly the first four months could be considered as the most frustrating and exasperating that I can ever recall, but having said that, there’s an awful lot waiting in the wings that really could be tremendously exciting and shape not just the rest of 2013, but many years to come. I had hoped to have been able to have made some announcements in this month’s GORR, but it looks like it will be June now, but should anything happen before then it will be announced immediately on the website."
As a bonus, here's a 1994 episode of Bygones, the panel game presented by Danny Baker in which Rick's dayglo jacket was a team captain. The other captain was Craig Ferguson's floppy hair. Funny old world:

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