Good Charlotte.

TV One hears so often about Doctor Who's location shoots that it's always surprising when another show pops up and makes news. Local media in Charlotte, North Carolina are positively agog at Claire Danes and Homeland filming in their town, the Charlotte Observer doubling for the Washington Post.

From the Charlotte Observer itself:
"Claire Danes rolled her head around on her neck in slow circles as cameras made last-minute adjustments, and then – just like you’d imagine it happening in Hollywood – someone called out, “Action!”

"With the precision and intensity of an Emmy Award-winning actress, Danes punched out a seemingly flawless take that lasted less than three minutes.

"After the director yelled “Cut,” a bystander turned to a camera operator and asked, “Are they gonna do it again?”

"The crew member nearly fell over laughing.
Newsobserver has many photos of Claire gesticulating and looking frustrated (as usual). Whatever could they mean?

  Meanwhile, the local NBC station speaks to the fans:
"Friends Brendan Shea and Donna MacKay were among the lucky ones. They spotted Homeland's star, Claire Danes, and immediately pulled out their cell phones to capture photos.

"I guess it’s my introduction to being a paparazzi," says Shea, an attorney who works nearby.

"We came down and saw the equipment and saw the buzz going on, decided to take a walk down the street a little, then we saw Claire Danes come out. She grabbed something at the food stand and she was being ushered around with somebody with a script," he said."
Here's the video version of that, which also has interviews with people who've never seen Homeland.  For balance.

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