BBC 1963: January.

I Love 1963
"Gerry Marsden welcomes you to the year Dr Who first stepped out of his TARDIS and The Beatles began to break records."

1963 Remembered: Marking the 50th anniversary of a momentous year
"It is 50 years since one of the most event-filled British political years of recent times. In 1963 the Labour leader Hugh Gaitskill died suddenly - with Harold Wilson elected as his successor. The Prime Minister Harold Macmillan resigned on health grounds, to be replaced by Sir Alec Douglas Home. There was also the Profumo affair, the assassination of JFK and the Beatles' first album. Alicia McCarthy met three people well placed to reflect on events 50 years ago. The Conservative peer, Lord Carrington, was well into his government career starting the year as First Lord of the Admiralty under Macmillan and ending up in the cabinet as Leader of the Lords under Home. Lord Donoughue was lecturing at the LSE in 1963 - very much a Gaitskell supporter he was later to become Harold Wilson's policy advisor and a minister. And Lord Hennessy - one of Britain's best-known constitutional historians is very much the youngster - a grammar school onlooker as the dramas of 1963 unfolded."

1963 upheaval: Wales, the world and social revolution
"1963 was the year The Beatles took the world by storm, US President John F Kennedy was assassinated - and Doctor Who made his first appearance on TV. It was also the year of the Profumo political scandal, which has inspired a current exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery in London. It was a year of huge social, cultural, and political change, and in Wales, it saw the early days of protest over the Welsh language. On BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement Vaughan Roderick spoke to cross-bench peer Lord Elystan Morgan about the significance of 1963 and, first, asked historian and author Hywel Williams if it was the year the modern world was born."

BBC News: Queen Mother footage of 1963 museum opening discovered
"Never-seen-before footage of the Queen Mother in 1963 has been found. It shows crowds in Stonehaven welcoming her to the opening of the Aberdeenshire town's Tolbooth museum. The footage has emerged amid a wrangle over museum artefacts, between volunteers who now run it, and Aberdeenshire Council."

This Is Your Life: Uffa Fox
"Cowes inventor Uffa Fox talks to Eammon Andrews on This Is Your Life"

Home for the Day: Enid Blyton
"Children's author Enid Blyton speaks to Marjorie Anderson about her own childhood, how she defied her family's expectations by becoming a writer and how she tries to 'get to the hearts of children' in all her stories."

Inside Out: All the world's a stage
"In 1963 a new theatre opened in Nottingham. The Nottingham Playhouse promised to introduce new audiences to the joys of staged drama. Inside Out asked Kenneth Alan Taylor, former Artistic Director and best known for his annual performances as pantomime dame, to investigate whether the Playhouse has lived up to its promises."

Composer of the Week: Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
"In a condensed version of the week of programmes Donald Macleod explores Francis Poulenc's unique musical voice - and sometimes troublesome character - showcasing a blend of much-loved favourites and rare works." (pictured)

Top Gear: Testing the smallest production car - the Peel P50
"The smallest production car, the Peel P50, was built in 1963. Presenter Jeremy Clarkson test drives it on today's busy roads to highlight its strengths and weaknesses, looking at features including flexibility of use, economy, parking and weight. The tiny vehicle is even small enough to drive around the office and travel in lifts."

Football Focus: FA Cup: When 'the big freeze' hit the Cup
"Football Focus looks back at the 1963 FA Cup third round, which took two months to complete due to freezing conditions. Fixtures were postponed several times during one of the coldest winters on record, with fourth division side Lincoln's match against Coventry having to be rescheduled 15 times. Current president of the Lincolnshire FA Norman Saywell recalls the efforts that took place to get the fixture played."

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