The Time Machine released.

Audio I've already tweeted about this but for those of you who don't social network in that venue, some good news. Thanks to this hero who's not at AudioGo anymore but let's hope gets some work soon and the good people at Big Finish, Doctor Who's Destiny of the Doctors's The Time Machine has been released for download roughly on schedule:

Any old merchandising news isn't really my thing, but with poor AudioGo (who commissioned the series) going, it looked, briefly, like this wasn't going to happen even though Big Finish produced the thing, so I thought it was worth shouting about. More news in the week about the cd version apparently.

Updated moments later.  Hold on a sec though. There might a problem with the mp3 download.  Some of the tracks cut Jenna off mid sentence, even mid word.  And it's not just my copy...   The audiobook (m48) version's probably fine though.

Updated the next day

Updated 18/11/2013 The CD version is available from Big Finish.  Good, good.

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