"What is that box, anyway? Why have you got a box? Is it like a snogging booth?"

TV Oh well played the BBC. Here's the Doctor Who's The Day of the Doctor trailer that went out Saturday night which presumably few of us watched when it actually went out because we assumed it was going to the one that was accidentally posted by BBC Spain. Perhaps this is the trailer which was supposed to be released Sunday night but brought forward. Oh well, anyway. It's mainly an extemporised version of the one that's half its length with more of the 10th Doctor being the 10th Doctor and a sense that like every Doctor before him David Tennant's still the Doctor or his Doctor at least and a definite confirmation that he's not playing the human metacrisis version what with all the asking about his future and 11th talking about remembering things. I'm not sure about the hair. More Rose. A bit more Clara. Loads more 8.5/Ninth/whatever.  Exciting.

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